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Led Panel Big

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We worked hard on innovation so that the setup process couldn’t be easier for our customers:

The built-in control port allows easy setup and control from the SuperGreenController (sold separately.)

Power supply included

    All our panels are equipped with the recently released Samsung LM301B LEDs, emitting up to 220 lumens per watt. LED technology has finally advanced enough to compete with traditional HPS lights, with much lower heat output, lower space requirements, and far lower energy consumption.

    Featuring a mix of 3000K and 5000K full-spectrum LEDs, our panels are suitable for both veg and bloom phases.

    Two requirements were considered when we designed these panels:

    • Wide and even placement on the surface, so you easily have consistent light coverage for your canopy.
    • Adequate space between LEDs allowing you to use the LED panel without external heat dissipators or fans.


      • 192pcs Samsung LM301B leds
      • up to 22K lumens
      • Mix of 3000K and 5000K leds
      • Integrated led drivers
      • Dimensions : 350mmx230mm (13.8"x9")
      • Power consumption 110W